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Here you can get to all the
pages of the Spoonrevolution.

Contest! Prices for those that
votes for the winning OKi...

Read the thrilling story of how the Spoonrevolution started.

If you have not yet given up
meat, we can help you...

1. GET STARTED. Get your passport to the OK and become a certified member of the revolution.
2. GET CERTIFIED. Get the embassy sign or ministry sign and make your home a center of activism.

3. PRINTING. If you want to print in big scale, find a cheap local printer in yellow pages. If you are going to school you can propably print alot there or copy in copymachine. If you are a office worker there is probably a good chance you can print on the office copy machine.

4. POSTING. Put posters everywhere; in school, at work, in street, on bus etc etc.

5. STICKING. Make stickers out of the OKIs and paste all over!

6. COOKING CLASSES. Give vegan/vegetarian cooking classes.

7. FASHION. Print and wear t-shirts and badges with Spoonrevolution Art.

8. CREATE. Make movies, slogans, pictures, dramas, poems, songs, sculptures, photographs, flash shows, power-point presentations etc for the Spoon Revolution.

9. LECTURE. Hold lectures on vegetarianism.

10. ALWAYS SPEAK. To not speak to someone who is not vegetarian about the love you feel is to neglect the gift of compassion you have received, so speak out :)

11. DISTRIBUTE. Distribute magazines, CD, DVD and other Spoon Revolution material.

12. INVITE. Give certificate to other qualified persons.

13. Help environmentalists understand that without being vegetarian they are not really environmentalists.

14. WEB ACTIVISM. Create and run web projects for vegetarianism. Also you can speak in forums.